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Wholesale Color Powder

You can now buy wholesale color powder in bulk at HippiePowder.com where they are the leading manufacturer of colored cornstarch in the entire world.

Largest Selection of Holi Colors

That is right, Hippie Powder™ has more colors to choose from than anyone else in the world. They can even match your exact colors so that your school or charity can run a fundraiser in style. With their wholesale color powder bulk discounts for charities, you can earn more at your events.

Safest Holi Color Powder on the Market

Hippie Powder™ is the safest holi powder made in the world. It is made in the USA by food scientist in a food lab. This ensures that only 100% safe and FDA approved ingredients are used. They have food-grade colored dye and corn starch so the result is colored cornstarch that you could technically eat but it would taste horrible so we don’t recommend it.

wholesale_color_powderwholesale holi powderwholesale color powder

We have to warn against using or participating in any event that uses Indian gulal powder. Please be aware of the dangers that you face with the toxic chemicals that they put in their holi powder blend. And Indian powder uses children to get their costs lower so…. there’s that.