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holi powder

Hippie Powder™

Hippie Powder™ is the top brand of holi color powder in the United States for 2 main reasons. The first reason is because it is made in the USA and the second reason is because it is priced lower than all of the color imported from India. With the popularity today with so many color races, you need a reliable supplier that will be able to get you your colored powder in a timely manner and at a good price. While the going rate online seems to be $7 per pound when you are buying holi powder in bulk, Hippie Powder™ is able to beat that price so that you can make a higher profit on your race, festival or other event that is based around colored cornstarch.

The product is safe and washes out of hair, clothes and skin but we still wouldn’t suggest that you wear anything that you don’t want to get a little color on because there is dye used in this product obviously so it sometimes you might see it in some white clothes for a washes.
holi color powder
Throw a paint powder party fight at your next birthday party.