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Colored Chalk Powder

There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of life than by throwing colored chalk powder on other people. This tradition called the Holi festival of colors was started long ago in India as a celebration of life where they used the local gulal powder that sometimes referenced as holi powder to create a very colorful expression of celebration. Now people are using this same way to celebrate life here in the United States and people call it color run paint because of how famous that race is, but it is actually colored cornstarch known as Hippie Powder™.
colored chalk powder

Color Powder for Holi

The color powder for holi is used for throwing at the color run as well. You have probably noticed that the new fad is to do one of these themed races, well I should call them 5k’s and not races because nobody is really trying to finish first. Actually the opposite is most likely they case because you want to enjoy the event for as long as possible. The idea behind these types of events is that you wear white clothes that you don’t care much about because they will probably end up stained with color. Then you all get a few bags of color and run a 5k (they are rarely actually a full 5k in length) and at certain designated spots throughout the race everyone throws their colored powder (which is food grade cornstarch with color added to it) up in the air it makes a cool looking array of dust to run through.
color powder for color run

It is also known as colored chalk powder but contains no actual chalk or paint.

color powder made in the usa

Hippie Powder™ | Colored Cornstarch

Hippie Powder™ is the only USA manufacturer of colored cornstarch and has the safest holi powder on the market today. That is why the bigs races, holi festivals and fundraisers around the world pick Hippie Powder™ to supply their events.
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The gulal powder made in India is unsafe because it is not 100% food grade ingredients like that of Hippie Powder™. It is amazing to think that a product can be manufactured in a safe environment in the United States and still beat the prices of a product made in India by children to keep costs low. But due to the mass quantities of color powder that is made by Hippie Powder™ their price beats product coming from India.
color powder made in the usa
color powder made in the usa

holi festival color

Holi Festival Powder

The ultimate brand in holi festival powder is here! With Hippie Powder™ you get a product that is made in the USA and is a higher quality than other powdered paint on the market. It is colored cornstarch that was originally only used for Holi but now it is popular for 5k races, runs and other events such as birthday parties and photo shoots.
holi fest colorgulal | holi powderholi festival powdered color
It is oftentimes called colored chalk powder but don’t let that name fool you. There is no paint or chalk in this product IF it is made in the USA.