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Color Run Powder

Everyone always wants to know where they can buy the color run powder or color me rad powder and the answer is at Most often times it is referred to as a powdered paint chalk but it is actually colored cornstarch if you buy it in the United States. The gulal or kumkum coming from India will not be 100% organic and we would never recommend that anyone use it any festival or race.
If you want some good paint fight ideas you can check out more on our blog. We even have a cool blacklight UV glow in the dark powder as well as some scented holi colors in the making.

Gender Reveal Color Powder

You can have a great gender reveal party with all the ideas you get from our site. We provide the color and most items you need for any DIY color powder gender reveal you can think of. We have been making the color for years for the big color runs and holii festivals but now you can have it at your own small party.

Color Smoke Bombs

Now we have gender reveal color powder smoke bomb fountains that last for over a minute!

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Buy Color Run Powders Wholesale

The #1 manufacturer of color run powders for sale in the United States is Hippie Powder. They have wholesale color run powder that is used for Holi festivals, 5k races, fundraisers and creative photography sessions. Hippie Powder is the supplier of the big races and has the safest product on the market. Beware of any product coming from India, as they are known to contain mold and are very unsafe. People will be inhaling a small percentage of this product when it is thrown into the air so make sure you buy a safe color powder made in the USA like Hippie Powder™. Visit to learn more.
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