Gender Reveal with Color Powder

A creative way to do a gender reveal is by using holi color powder. You can put hippie powder in a golf ball, baseball, football or clay pigeon to have an explosive and memorable reveal.

Clay Pigeons Filled with Color Powder

The newest thing at is clay pigeons filled with color powder. These are perfect for a redneck gender reveal by shooting the clay pigeons and having pink or blue powder burst out! They are now available for purchase at the Hippie Powder site. They sell kits so that you can make your own flash…

Color Powder Paint

The color powder paint or holi color powder made by is the safest produced in the world and the most vibrant when it comes to color quality. You can purchase this colored powder online at Hippie Powder and it most orders ship same day. Wholesale color powder is also available if you want to…

Holi Glitter™

The new line of Holi Glitter™ is a shiny holi color powder with glitter in it! It is more shimmery and flashy than other type of gulal powder on the market. Pictures coming soon! Order Holi Powder Online If you want to shine and sparkle, you need this new Sparkle Hippie Powder™