Holi Glitter™

The new line of Holi Glitter™ is a shiny holi color powder with glitter in it! It is more shimmery and flashy than other type of gulal powder on the market. Pictures coming soon! Order Holi Powder Online If you want to shine and sparkle, you need this new Sparkle Hippie Powder™

Holi Color Powder

The holi color powder made by HippiePowder.com is the best in the world for many reasons. Their holi powder is #1 for the following reasons: Most Vibrant Colors in the Industry Developed by Food Scientist 100% Safe and non-toxic Food Grade Ingredients Only! Best Price Fastest Shipping Times Custom Color Matching Available Made in the

Wholesale Color Powder

You can now buy wholesale color powder in bulk at HippiePowder.com where they are the leading manufacturer of colored cornstarch in the entire world. Largest Selection of Holi Colors That is right, Hippie Powder™ has more colors to choose from than anyone else in the world. They can even match your exact colors so that

Color Run Powder

Everyone always wants to know where they can buy the color run powder or color me rad powder and the answer is at HippiePowder.com. Most often times it is referred to as a powdered paint but it is actually colored cornstarch if you buy it in the United States. The gulal or kumkum coming from

Colored Chalk Powder

There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of life than by throwing colored chalk powder on other people. This tradition called the Holi festival of colors was started long ago in India as a celebration of life where they used the local gulal powder that sometimes referenced as holi powder to create a