Gender Reveal Color Powder Filled Balls

Did you know that you can use our powder to have an epic gender reveal party?

Gender Reveal Balls Filled with Color Powder

You can fill baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, golf balls, hockey pucks, tennis balls, ping pong ball, bowling pins or any other sport you can think of. People also enjoy putting our holi color in their car exhaust pipe.

gender reveal color powder balls smoke grenade

Another cool way we use it is by having it incorporated into color smoke bomb grenades. These are sometimes called smoke fountains and they will release a colorful cloud of smoke for 1 to 5 minutes! Most of them only last a minute but if you pay extra you can get our Jumbo color smoke grenade that lasts about 5 minutes. It’s coolest to get a blue and a pink to have them warm up the crowd as you prepare to do the actual gender reveal by kicking or hitting one of the balls.

Gender Reveal Powder Kit

Gender Reveal Powder

Clay Pigeons Filled with Color Powder

The newest thing at is clay pigeons filled with color powder.

These are perfect for a redneck gender reveal by shooting the clay pigeons and having pink or blue powder burst out! They are now available for purchase at the Hippie Powder site.

They sell kits so that you can make your own flash targets. But you can pick any color you want them to be!

DIY Flash Clay Pigeon Targets are a fun way to shoot.

Gender Reveal Color Powder is the new rage.

They are filled with a colored chalk known as holi powder or hippie powder but it is actually just colored cornstarch.

Color Powder Paint

The color powder paint or holi color powder made by is the safest produced in the world and the most vibrant when it comes to color quality.

You can purchase this colored powder online at Hippie Powder and it most orders ship same day.

Wholesale color powder is also available if you want to have your own paint race or color run activity. We also have refillable color balls that are perfect for holi powder wars.